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Are you in love with someone? Are you in a relationship? Are you seeing someone? Are you dating someone?

Did my consecutively similar questions made you curious? Well this is what I intended to do so! Before you

32 Danish Crescent
Toronto, ON M9C4A7
(647) 688-5814


Stress free
Don't worry in your special day just enjoy it. We're going to make this day memorable for you.
We offer our services on photography and videography bridal
Same day editions
Don't wait anymore for your video and photos. We deliver them fast.

About Us

MAGIC VISION is a photo, video and quality print Toronto based company who has an absolute commitment to excellence in serving our customers’ needs and solutions. With over 15 years of photo and video experience.




Wedding photography and videography
All photos provided on cd or dvd
Flexible hourly rates, no restrictive package pricing
Unique hardcover coffee table book
Custom photo printing
Digital photo and video editing
Photo printing and slideshows at your reception

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32 Danish Crescent